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We provide full product design solutions as well as prototyping for inventors, model makers, and companies in various industries. Please use the form below to request information about our services. We are located in Wilmington, North Carolina and serve the entire state and across the US.

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On-site work: At Solid Design 1-2-3 we will go to to our client's site to work on the project. Because we know how important it is for our client to have visibility of his product being designed, we can arrange for travel. Please ask us about our special on-site services. Some of the benefits of working on-site include:

  1. Measurements: Foot prints, frame, tool, part, fixture, etc measurements are easily done

  2. Project Updates: Faster/more efficient communication

  3. Changes: Unexpected changes can be quickly reviewed

  4. Project Management: Visibility of progress to our client
  5. Project Development is faster and more efficient

  6. On site product performance simulations

Work-remotely: At Solid Design 1-2-3 we are experts at working remotely at our facilities to save you overhead and equipment costs. For updates, we communicate via email, phone, or in person (if local). For large projects that require extra communication, we use Skype to provide "Live" project overviews and request approvals. Skype has the capability to "share the screen" in order for our clients to view their model. We understand that our clients are busy and will send periodic meeting schedules to provide project updates and follow ups. (Need Skype? click here for download)


Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Our Location:

Solid Design 123

PO Box 4612

Wilmington NC 28405

(910) 508 1705

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